Body Piercing

Piercing transition pictureBody Piercing is an expression of your individuality and at Lord of the Jewels we are here to make your experience fun and memorable.

Our stores pride themselves on employing and training the best piercers, utilising the strictest safety standards and offering full aftercare assistance.

All piercings at Lord of the Jewels are performed in our separate piercing studio which is private, safe and sterile.

Please note that the legal age for body piercing in Australia is 16. We do however pierce customers under the age of 16 if they have parental consent. Please speak to us for more details.


We offer a range of piercings including:

  • Body - navel, nipple
  • Face - eyebrow, nose
  • Ears - earlobe, tragus, conch, rook, snarl, helix, industrial
  • Oral - tongue, lip, labret, Monroe

To book a piercing call one of our stores