Training and Sterilisation

All our piercing staff are trained by Lord of the Jewels so that we can ensure strict safety and professional standards at all times. Our piercers are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and committed to ensuring your piercing experience with us is enjoyable and pleasant.

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We take hygiene and safety very seriously at Lord of the Jewels:

  • All our non-disposable tools, forceps, jewellery, insertion tapers and any other piercing related instruments are sterilised in an autoclave machine. Our 4 step process ensures these strict standards are always adhered to for every single piercing we perform:
  1. All piercing instruments are soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant and then rinsed off
  2. Instruments are then scrubbed and placed in sterile bags
  3. Sterile bags are placed inside an autoclave machine
  4. All sterilised equipment is logged and dated
  • All sterilised equipment is then strictly handled with gloved hands only
  • Piercings are performed using single use disposable needles which are then disposed of into a medical sharps container which is collected by Sterihealth waste disposal